Natural Leather Exporters, Exporter from India, Ultimate Leather Destination

Exporter of cow goat sheep & buffalo, Quality is our motto, Connecting globe with Leather

Natural Leather Exporters

Ultimate Leather Destination

Manufacturers and Exporters of All kinds of High Quality Semi Finished leather and Finished leather. Leather made from cow, goat sheep and buffalo. We also sell Sole leathers and Butts leather. Our company is engaged in manufacturing Leather depend upon the requirement of the global Leather Industry. Strong Commitment and highly skilled experienced employees of our company is capable of producing 5 laks sqft per month.

Using the latest technology

Every single product in our collection has been constructed using superior technology

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Our Products

Our focus is long-term business and customer satisfaction. To this end, all our products undergo multiple stringent quality checks and tests before they are presented to our buyers.